- Male Reticulated Giraffe born at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo -

January 23, 2013, Colorado Springs, CO – You never know what you will see when you visit Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Sunday afternoon, just after 12:15 p.m., guests were able to witness the beginning stage of a giraffe calf’s birth.

Animal keepers immediately shifted the mother giraffe from the outside yard to an indoor stall. Shavings and sand were added, and the building was closed for privacy. The new male calf was born at 1:08 p.m. Mother and newborn are doing well.

“Msichana is a very attentive mother, and the calf is walking and nursing regularly,” Jason Bredahl, Animal Care Manager, said. “We’ve opened the giraffe building to the public, and they are ready for guests.”

The calf underwent a neonatal exam by Zoo veterinarian Dr. Liza Dadone Monday. She checked vital signs, took blood samples, and confirmed the 5’ 4”-tall, 104-pound calf appears to be in good health. Animal keepers continue to monitor him daily.

The calf is 11-year-old Msichana’s second offspring. He is the first to be sired by the Zoo’s five-year-old bull giraffe, Khalid. Following Cheyenne Mountain Zoo tradition, the male calf will be named after he is 30 days old.

To view his first photos, visit: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjDHXceV.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is home to the world’s most prolific captive reticulated giraffe herd, with 196 births at the Zoo since 1954. Guests can get up close and hand-feed them on special indoor and outdoor elevated platforms.


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