-- Boudreaux the Komodo dragon joins the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo family --

September 21, 2011, Colorado Springs, CO –Boudreaux (Boo-dro), an eight-year-old 89-pound Komodo dragon, walked out of his crate in Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Aquatics building this afternoon to cheers from a crowd of anxiously waiting zoo guests. Boudreaux’s identity had been kept under wraps until today’s reveal party, however, zoo fans had been trying to guess his species for the past week.

“Ever since our previous Komodo dragon passed away in February, zoo guests have been asking us when we would get another,” said Animal Care Manager Roxanna Breitigan. “Everyone is extremely excited to have Boudreaux here.”

Boudreaux is on loan from Oklahoma City Zoo for the next two years while construction is completed on a new exhibit. He is laid back, loves people and enjoys massages. Boudreaux’s favorite food at the zoo is rats, but in the wild, Komodo dragons eat deer, boar and goats. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo keepers will spend the next several weeks working with Boudreaux and helping him acclimate to his new home.

Komodo dragons are native to the Komodo Islands of Indonesia and are the world’s largest lizards, growing up to nine feet long and weighing up to 300 pounds. They carry a host of deadly bacteria in their mouth, but the dragons themselves are immune. This immunity is currently under scientific study for insight into human immunities. Komodo dragons are in danger of extinction due to natural disaster and habitat loss.

See video of Boudreaux walking out of his crate.

See photos of Boudreaux’s reveal.