New Babies

African Rift Valley Babies

Red River hoglet baby

-born May 9, 2013, a male, he loves discovering his siblings and family.

Giraffe baby - "Emy"

-born August 1, 2013, a female, learn more.

Giraffe baby "Kipawa"

-born January 20, 2013, a male, his name in Swahili means "gift."

Primate World Babies

Gorilla, "Dembe"

- born August 14, 2012, to mom Asha (19 years) and dad (Rafiki). This is Asha's second baby. Mom and baby are doing well, more...

Orangutan, "Godek"

- born February 19, 2009. The orangutan baby is the second offspring for 22-year-old mother Sumagu (su-MAW-gu) and 19-year-old father, Baka (BAW-caw). Godek is adventurous and loves to climb and hover near his mom.

Rocky Mountain Wild Babies

North American Porcupine baby

- A porcupette born June 4, 2014 to mother Elan and father Nale. This is the second time this threatened species has successfully bred at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Visit this porcupette frolicing in its area of Rocky Mountain Wild!

The Scutes Family Gallery Babies

American Alligator juveniles

- born in the Fall of 2011, Wally is the youngest of the three. Tommy and Sally were both born in the fall of 2010. During feeding time, Sally, the biggest one of the three will start to make a small grunting chirp noise as she climbs up the slide out of the water. The three of them are usually found in the morning huddled together in their own little gator pile. These youngsters are so interesting, you must check them out around their urban pool!