Shop Wisely

Exercise Your Consumer Power.

Items we purchase in our everyday lives have an impact on the environment. Here are some things to think about:

  • Buy products with certified sustainable palm oil.

    Palm oil is a product in many everyday products, and its production is seriously threatening the lives of orangutans in Southeast Asia. Learn More >

  • Select ocean-friendly seafood.

    Though you may be far from the ocean, you can still have an impact on its residents. Whether you're buying seafood in a store or a restaurant, know which seafood to choose and why. Learn More >

  • Stop drinking bottled water.

    Buy a durable water bottle and reuse it instead of using disposable plastic bottles that never decompose in landfills.

  • Try reusable and bio-compostable paper goods.

    On your next picnic or camping trip, take reusable tableware instead of disposable paper products, or use bio-compostable paper ware.

  • Replace plastic bags with canvas.

    Use canvas tote bags while shopping and reduce the use of plastic and disposable bags.

  • Recycle old cell phones and their batteries.

    Instead of sending your old cell phones—and their toxic metals—to your local landfill, bring them to the Zoo for recycling. Also, coltan, a metal in cell phone batteries, is mined in endangered gorilla habitat, contributing to their decline. Learn More >

  • Refill or recycle printer cartridges.

    Reduce waste by recycling your used printer cartridges instead of throwing them away. Buy recycled cartridges, too, and close the loop!

  • Choose recycled paper products.

    Buy recycled paper towels and toilet paper to close the loop on the recycling process.