The Scutes Family Gallery

Beautiful. Understandable. Memorable.

The Bird and Reptile building in the Australia exhibit has been completely refurbished as a modern art gallery, featuring more than 40 species of reptiles of all shapes, colors, and sizes!  Stroll through the gallery and see these amazing creatures in unique, artistic environments that complement their natural beauty.  The Zoo hopes this unique setting will diminish reptile fears and help guests gain an appreciation of these amazing animals.

The building, originally constructed in the early 1940’s, has been renamed The Scutes Family Gallery. The name doesn’t honor a donor, but rather, references the scales of most reptiles. Funding for the renovation was made possible through the Zoo’s $13.5 million Encounter Africa capital campaign.


Marvel at this distinctive and highly specialized lizard, who can be found perched on tree limbs in the atrium area.  Chameleons are known for their ability to change color, long sticky tongue, and cone-like eyes, which enable them to see 360 degrees around their body.


Snake Space

Meander through the separate snake room where serpents from all over the world show off their remarkable beauty. Although the enormous red-tailed boa often takes center stage, the striped California and hypo brooks kingsnake also make a statement on colored glass gemstones. The snake enclosures, unlike what you may be accustomed to, are designed to enhance and highlight their natural beauty often hidden in the wild.



Discover a variety of lizards, from geckos to monitors, displayed in creative settings throughout the gallery.  See if you can locate the neon day geckos in stunning glass cylinders, or the tree monitors resting on the window ledges in their one-of-a-kind enclosures. Guests can also visit the learning table for an opportunity to find out more about the bearded dragon, legless lizard or blue- tongue skink.

For unique and amazing experiences with reptiles,
this gallery exhibit's full of animal magnetism!