It's a Whole New Zoo at Night.

Come see what the animals do while the rest of us sleep! In a fun-filled night to remember, you can explore Cheyenne Mountain Zoo by moonlight. Designed for 20 to 175 people, WildNights is a great team-building experience for families, scouts and groups of all ages.

Choose from five exciting custom overnight programs; original Nocturnal Navigation, A Night on the Savanna, Save the Species Sleepover, ZSI: Zoo Special Investigators, or Zoo Careers themes - Or try one of the special pre-scheduled WildNights below.

On your WildNight, you'll arrive at the Zoo at 6 p.m. and stay overnight until 8 a.m. the next day. We'll provide dinner and activities; you bring your sleeping bag (or adults can rent cots), pajamas and other personal items.

Note: Kids must be at least 5 years old to participate.


Pre-scheduled WildNights (online registration)

Pre-scheduled WildNights give you or your group the opportunity to join others on a WildNight at the Zoo. Meet new people and participate in planned activities—for a real wild night.

Date WildNight Description Time Cost
May 10 Mommy and Me WildNight Come celebrate Mother's Day with your kids at the zoo.
Mom, let us do the cooking and entertaining while you get to spend quality time with your children. We'll serve a light dinner, take you on an evening tour and get you settled in for a sleep over at the zoo.
A continental breakfast and a morning tour to will complete your Mother's Day celebration.
Kids must be 5 years or older to participate.

6 p.m. - 8 a.m $35.25 per Member
$45.25 per non-member
May 17 Endangered Species WildNight Drop off the kids for a special overnight zoo experience designed for kids only, no grown-ups! The kids will enjoy a hot dog cookout and roasting marshmallows for S'mores. Before they sleepover at the zoo, your kids will get to participate in games, activities, and a special night time tour focusing on Endangered Species. We'll even throw in a continental breakfast and a morning tour to complete the kids stay.
Kids must be 5 years or older to participate.
6 p.m. - 8 a.m. $40.25 per Member
$45.25 per non-member

Custom WildNights

Invite your group of 20 to 175 people to a one-of-a-kind experience. The Zoo offers a variety of WildNight themes that are sure to spark your curiosity and answer all your animal questions.


Non-member rate: $45.25 per person
Member rate: $35.25 per person
Zoo chaperone fee: $20.25 for every ten children
(Groups of 20 or more will automatically receive the member price of $35.25 each).

A non-refundable $25 deposit will be collected at booking.

WildNight Themes

Nocturnal Navigation

Travel around the zoo at night collecting clues to lead you from place to place. Along the way you will see some of the largest mammals on earth and some of the smallest, some who are wide awake at night and some who are sleeping soundly. As you solve the clues you will get to feed the giraffes, meet a few animals up close, and explore the zoo! See if you can solve each clue and guide the way as you discover which animals are nocturnal. The clues donít stop when you go to sleep, after breakfast the journey continues!

A Night on the Savanna

Are you curious about African Animals? Ever wonder what they do at night? This program is specifically about our African Animals here at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. A night on the Savanna gets you close to elephants, giraffes, hippos, gorillas, and many more! Sleep inside our African themed Safari Lodge (groups under 30 people only) and wake up with the Meerkats! After breakfast your tour continues to see other African animals wake up and start their day.

Save the Species Sleepover

So many species in the world are endangered and on the brink of extinction, mostly because of human impact in animal habitats. This program focuses on the endangered species that live here at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and what you can do to help them. Some animals benefit from recycling, some from being a conscious shopper. Do you know what animals are affected by cell phones? Save the Species Sleepover will give your group the knowledge and tools to save species all over the world.

ZSI: Zoo Science Investigators

A crime has been committed at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo! Can you solve it? Collect evidence, look for clues and interview suspects to solve the Wildlife Crime that has been committed. This crime mimics real wildlife crimes that happen throughout the world. Poaching, illegal pet trade, and illegal capture of wild animals are just some examples of the offenses that occur around the world. Discover what Wildlife Investigators have to do to solve these crimes in real life. Be ready to investigate, because you only have until morning to solve the crime!

Zoo Careers

Are you thinking about being a zookeeper? What about a gardener or a chef? A zoo has many different careers that it possible for guests to see animals everyday! As your travel to different animal areas, you will have to figure out who works there. Do only zoo keepers work in the gorilla building? Who makes our fantastic signs? What if the moose has a cough? You will discover all of the careers our zoo needs to keep our animals and our guests happy!
*Includes a special introduction to a Zoo employee

General Information:

All Wildnight programs include a cookout with hot dogs, sides, and toasting your own marshmallow for símores. Each program also includes a guided evening tour of the zoo (areas are specific to each theme, does not necessarily include access to entire zoo), with giraffe feeding and an up close animal encounter in the Loft. Participants will also have the option of purchasing specialty souvenir t-shirts and patches that are not available in the zooís gift shop. Breakfast consists of bagels, cereal, and fruit followed by a guided morning tour. Admission to the zoo for the duration of the following day is also included with a Wildnight.

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