Zookeeper Interview Program

(All ages)

Do you need first-hand information for a school project? Here's your opportunity to get up to ten(10) questions answered by the experts at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Choose the interview format that best meets your needs:

E-mail Interview – $15

E-mail up to 10 questions to animalprograms@cmzoo.org, and we will answer them within three weeks. Include the following information with your questions:

  • Your name
  • Your school
  • Your area of your interest and/or project topic
  • Your deadline

In-Person Interview One Area – $35 (plus regular Zoo admission)

Interview a Zookeeper in one area of your choice. Regular Zoo admission rates apply.

Phone Interview – $35

Conduct up to a 30-minute phone interview with a Zookeeper in one area of your choice.

Payment & questions must be received, in full, prior the interview.

Sign Up

E-mail or call 719-424-7874