ZOOMObile for Community Groups

Not Your Typical Meeting.

Perfect for meetings of civic organizations and other groups interested in animals—or those who want to add some excitement to their agendas— ZOOMobile brings the animals right to your doorstep. Choose from a variety of animals to tailor the presentation to your group's interests, so it will educate, inspire and excite.

Animal Show Presentations

This program include a variety of animals, animal artifacts and a ZOOMobile presenter.

$250 for the first hour (includes 2 shows)
$150 each additional hour

Extra-curricular Kids Programs

Surprise your Scouts or create different fun for your summer campers with our kids programs.

$200 for the first program
$150 each additional program

Senior Home Programs

Special programs are available for senior citizen groups and assisted living centers.

$125 for the first program
$65 for each additional program (on the same day/same location)

For organizations seeking information about scholarship funding, please view the ZOOMObile Guidelines and FAQ. To access a ZOOMobile Scholarship Application.

To Register

E-mail or call 719-424-7827