Zoo Events

Don't Miss Out.

Mark your calendar now to attend any—or all—of these extraordinary events.

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Ongoing Daily Animal Shows & Happenings year-round at the Zoo
Ongoing As scheduled Education programs, camps, WildNights, ZOOMobile, preschool, kids and teens programs and more!
Ongoing As scheduled  Pony Rides seasonal hours vary (weather permitting). Located at the entrance to Rocky Mountain Wild.
Ongoing As scheduled Pony Camps year-round equine fun! (register online)
September 19 Friday LEAP Class "Top Predators" (register online)
September 22 Monday FAWN Class "Powerful Prarie Dogs" (register online)
September 26 Friday Kids Only WildNight (register online)
September 28 Sunday AAZK's 13th Annual Art on the Hoof Fundraiser
October 4 Saturday Kids Only WildNight (register online)
October 6 Monday FAWN Class "Slithering Snakes" (register online)
October 11 Saturday Kids Only WildNight (register online)
October 17 Friday Early Explorers Class "Awake at Night" (register online)
October 17-19, 24-26 & 31 Friday, Saturday & Sunday Evenings & Halloween BOO AT THE ZOO
October 22 Wednesday FAWN Class "Creepy Crawlers" (register online)
October 27 Monday LEAP Class "Spooky Safari" (register online)
November 7 Friday LEAP Class "We Are Family" (register online)
November 12 Wednesday FAWN Class "Feasting Felines" (register online)
November 17 Monday FAWN Class "Turkey Tales" (register online)
November 18 Tuesday Small Mammal Care 101 (register online)
November 21 Friday Early Explorers Class "Animal Feasts" (register online)
November 29 Saturday Kids Only WildNight (register online)
December 5 Friday Early Explorers Class "Holiday Animals" (register online)
Dec. 5-7, 12-23, 25-Jan 1, 2015 Nightly ELECTRIC SAFARI
December 10 Wednesday FAWN Class "Wonderful Wolves" (register online)
December 15 Monday LEAP Class "Just Chillin'" (register online)
December 20 Saturday Kids Only WildNight (register online)
December 22 Monday FAWN Class "Walk with a Waddle" (register online)
----- 2015 -----    
January 1 Thursday ELECTRIC SAFARI - last night
February 8 Sunday Bird Care 101 (register online)
May 16 Saturday RUN TO THE SHRINE (stay tuned for online registration)
(stay tuned for online tickets)