Bear Necessities

Everyday Needs for the Zoo.

With more than 950 animals to feed and care for and over 70 acres to maintain, the costs to run the Zoo are significant! You can help us by funding one or more items from our list of Bear Necessities. Whether you love giraffes and want to help us purchase alfalfa, or want to ensure our elephants get their Vitamin E, your purchase will directly benefit the Zoo. Our animals and staff appreciate your support!



Gorilla Diet

In order to maintain a healthy diet, our western lowland gorillas are being transitioned to eating more leafy greens and vegetables. With our troop of seven gorillas, thatís a lot of produce in one year!

1/2 day = $60
1 day = $120
3 days = $360


Alfalfa for Giraffes

Support the iconic animals of CMZoo, our giraffes! The giraffe herd goes through a lot of alfalfa every day!

1 bale = $12
1 day = $60
1 month = $1,800



Just like people, animals need antibiotics too! An antibiotic is given for the treatment of an infection caused by bacteria.

1 500mg bottle = $43
2 500mg bottles = $86
3 500mg bottles = $129

colobus monkey

Avocados for Colobus Monkeys

Our Colobus monkeys get one avacado a day as a good source of potassium, B vitamins and Vitamin E.

1 dozen = $16
2 dozen = $32
3 dozen = $48

Keeper training

AZA Training Courses

Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) has annual training programs for zoo professionals in animal management, conservation and exhibits. You can sponsor one of our staff members so they can get the tools and training to provide the best care for our Zoo animals!

1 staff person = $1,800



Benefiber for orangutans

Our Sumatran and Bornean orangutans get a Benefiber tablet every day to keep their systems in tip-top shape!

1 bottle = $20
2 bottles = $40
1 year supply = $240


Bugs & mealworms for meerkats

Bugs and mealworms for lunch? Why yes, if you're a meerkat! Keep this energetic mob happy with one of their favorite snacks that's packed full of protein.

1,000 = $10
2,000 = $20
5,000 = $50

Western lowland gorilla

Burlap for great apes

Sometimes it's the simple things that are the most entertaining! Burlap is one of the favorite enrichment items for our great apes.

5 yards = $15
6 month supply = $30
1 year supply = $60

Siamang gibbon

Leafy greens for gibbons and orangutans

Eat your veggies! Our gibbons and orangutans enjoy their leafy greens every day, and it's a great source of vitamins and nutrients.

1 month supply = $22
2 months supply = $44
3 months supply = $66


Leonard Aluminum Grading Rakes

These will come in handy for the Horticultural staff as we install the landscaping for our new Encounter Africa exhibit

1 rake = $45
2 rakes = $90
4 rakes = $180

black-footed ferrets

Meat for black-footed ferrets

Did you know our black-footed ferrets are carnivores? With strong jaw muscles and teeth, they are adapted to eat meat in the wild.

1 day = $12
2 days = $24
1 week = $84


Microscope slides for vet clinic

Take a deeper look! Our vets use microscope slides to examine individual cells for abnormalities, and to study tissues for the presence of disease. They are also used as an aid in surgical procedures.

3 boxes = $18
6 boxes = $36
1 year supply = $180


Moose chow for Tahoma

Our moose, Tahoma, is a big eater! He eats 25 lbs. of moose chow every day!

1 day = $12.50
2 days = $25
1 week = $87.50

green & black poison dart frog

Moss for amphibians

Similar to how we use humidifiers in our houses, amphibians enjoy moss in their exhibits to provide a humidity. Moss is also used for laying and incubating eggs.

1 bag = $35
2 bags = $70
3 bags = $105

African penguin

Multi-vitamins for African penguins

From A to Zinc, our African penguins need vitamins too! Keep them looking and feeling their best with a daily vitamin.

500 vitamin tablets = $55
1,000 vitamin tablets = $110

snow leopard

Organ meat for big cats

How does heart, tongue and liver sound for a snack? Well, if you're an Amur tiger, African lion or any other type of large cat, then it sounds delectable! Keep our big cats happy with these favorite nutritious treats!

1 month supply = $50
2 months supply = $100
1 year supply = $600

pa system

PA system for keeper talks

When you have a story to tell, you want to make sure you are heard! We do a lot of keeper talks here at the Zoo, and a new PA system will ensure our keepers educate every guest about our wonderful animals!

1 system = $5,000

golden-lion tamarin

Peanut butter, jelly and honey

"A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down!" And it's the same for our primates. Keepers typically utilize peanut butter, jelly and honey to hide any medications and ensure that our primates take their medicine.

1 month supply = $23
6 months supply = $138
3 year supply = $276

plain's zebra

Stall mats for hoofstock

From our huge giraffe herd, to our zebras, okapi and even our tapirs, stall mats are a vital part of any indoor enclosure for our hoofstock, creating a comfortable surface for these animals when they are inside at night.

1 mat = $45
2 mats = $90
5 mats = $225


Structron Blizzard Buster Snow Shovel

We get a lot of snow up here on the mountain!As you might imagine we go through a lot of shovels in an effort to have the zoo shoveled ‘edge to edge’.

1 shovel = $40
2 shovels = $80
4 shovels = $160

grizzly bear

Trout for grizzly bears and otters

Do you know who loves trout? Our grizzly bears and river otters! And as you can imagine, they eat a lot of trout every day!

2 day supply = $13
1 week supply = $45
1 month supply = $195

African elephant

Vitamin E for African elephants

Antioxidants are important, even if you're an Africa elephant! Our girls take their Vitamin E every day, and it's quite a bit when you weigh 10,000 pounds!

1 one-litre bottle = $166
2 one-litre bottles = $332
3 one-litre bottles = $498


Wheelbarrow tires

There's a lot of "stuff" that needs to be moved around a zoo! And nothing beats a wheelbarrow to haul food, dirt, and other heavy materials!

1 tire = $40
2 tires = $80
5 tires = $200