Charitable IRA Rollover

Are you over 70 Ĺ years old?

We donít think you look a day over 35!

If youíre at least age 70 Ĺ, the U.S. Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 could impact the way in which you support the Zoo! This Act allows individuals to transfer a gift of funds directly from your account to the Zoo through a qualified transaction. This means you would not only be supporting the Zoo, but your IRA distribution would also be excluded from your taxable income and applied toward your annual minimum distribution requirements.

Interested in rolling over a part of your IRA to the Zoo? This Act expires on 12/31/09 so take advantage of this unique opportunity now!

If youíre interested in more information on how a Charitable IRA Rollover could work for you, contact your financial planner or call Michelle Parvinrouh, Major Gifts and Planned Giving Manager, at 719-424-7864 or email